The main objective of implementation of TS-DATAPOINT system by TECHNISERV IT is a central and effective man­agement of company's documents, information, data, parameters and support for processes in electronic form in any phase of lifetime of subject document, of information.


·          Optimizing and automatizing all your current processes concerning management and circulation of documents

·          Improving transparency of directly affected processes

·          Significant reduction of operations with documents in form of hardcopy and related processes

·          Improving availability and traceability of information

·          Improving capabilities of controlling and decision processes

·          Improved security for information based on user rights

·          Availability of documents from/to other applications (e.g. MS Office, ERP, CRM)

·          Documents are available across company regardless of location


·          Unique modular solution for management of your documents

·          Customizing system according to specific Client's requirements and needs

·          Simple policy of licensing with favorable prices

·          Easy implementation of number of application modules with possibility of distribution across multiple time phases

·          Effective integration with other applications


·          Middle-size and big companies: Company with defined processes solving automatizing of these processes and their better effectiveness, archiving data and their traceability and availability, incl. need of remote access from subsidiaries, or individual employees operating outside company offices.

·          Small companies: Typical representative of this segment is a company having more locations across the Czech Republic, or even abroad, which needs to work with documents across these subsidiaries.


Our unique solution for documentation management TS-DATAPOINT the right way to increase effectiveness of operations in your company!




TECHNISERV IT developed TS-DATAPOINT solution, which enhances capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint technology.



Document Management System - DMS is a modern solution allowing managing company's documents in elec­tronic form.

Implementing DMS solution - especially if it was integrated with ERP, data box and other key applications with­in the company - significantly reduces operations with original documents, or hardcopies, and these operations (incl. related processes) are implemented in scope of DMS solution, which means that user works in an point of document processing exclusively with document n electronic form.

Implementing DMS within the company significantly improves effectiveness of operations, reduces costs on office supplies and space, and provides a space for sharing information.


DMS TS-DATAPOINT solution may be used as:

·          Company's Intranet portal

·          Document management and control

·          Engineering data control


TS-DATAPOINT was developed in environment of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 technology, eventually robust solution SharePoint Server 2010. The solution has a three-level architecture. Internet browser is a client, IIS on Windows server is an application server and MS SQL Server works as database. Direct integration with other applications is a precondition for both clients (MS Office), and servers (e.g. ERP, CRM, data box, Identity Management...).


General features of TS-DATAPOINT:

·          Portal (Intranet) solution

·          Integrated workflow (circulation management, approving documents)

·          Meeting centers for effective sharing data from meetings

·          Interactive Internet forms facilitating data collection

·          Search-up portal making available data from vari­ous data sources

·          Personalizing and personal websites of employees

·          Integration with MS Office, MS Exchange and MS Outlook, eventually other information systems

·          Document revisions

·          Securing documents by means of access rights - authorization may be applied also on single items


Agendas (modules) were developed in frame of TS-DATAPOINT solution. They can be applied collectively, or individually. The aim of broad offer of TECHNISERV IT, spol. s r.o. activities is to meet client's requirements as closely as possible, and to offer complex services including services and assistance across the whole Czech Republic, using HelpDesk 24/7.