Low-voltage systems

Division Weak current systems is the oldest division within TECHNISERV IT, spol. s r.o. It works from the time of company foundation. The division focuses mainly on realizing orders focused on security systems and complex construction of LAN, computer networks covering small geographic areas. We provide deliveries, assembly and technical assistance in broad, technically demanding and continuously developing branch of weak current installations.

The division disposes with broad portfolio of services and it has competed number of successful realizations in following segments of weak current systems:

  • Structure cable distribution systems (SKS)

Solutions on field of proposal, delivery and construction of data and communication networks. Complex installation of certified systems, such as MOLEX, RIT, PANDUIT, SOLARIX, or SYSTIMAX in the extent of small installations, big or extensive installations (to thousands of connection points/ports) using uniform technology.

  • Closed-circuit monitoring system (CCTV)

Solution for monitoring selected areas using cameras located in accordance with project documentation. Installed systems use components of renowned producers of brands BOSCH, SAMSUNG. AXIS, AcTI, HONEYWELL, and others.

  • Electronic access system (EKV/ACS)

Realizing client's requirements related to simple, as well as extensive autonomous access systems. Installing systems produced by NORTHERN (HONEYWELL), SAMSUNG, TECH-FASS, and others.

  • Electronic security alarm (EZS)

Orienting on well-tried brands, such as GALAXY, DOMINUS, or DSC systems. At the same time, we provide installations of any "smaller" systems, such as PREMIÉR, PARADOX, BENTEL, or VISONIC. We help to the client with selecting, or proposal of system according to specified requirements and possibilities.

  • Electronic fire alarm (EPS)

ESSER, ZETTLER, LITES, SCHRACK systems, we install, solve reliably requirement of early detection of arising fire. They are realized in accordance with requirements of binding Cˇ SN, EN standards and related regulations.

  • Electronic attendance system (registration of employee's working hours)

Solutions based on well-tried systems, which have beside suitable perspective HW (terminals,...), also program with sufficient robustness and option of simple connectivity to most existing (used) payroll systems.

  • Evacuation broadcasting (ER)

Analysis, proposal and solving broadcasting systems are strictly based on correspondent legislation, of course in coordination with client's vision and requirements. Installed systems of prominent producers on market - such as ESSER, TOA, or BOSCH - represent for customers certainty of perspective system of high quality, which is realized in full accordance with updated CSN/EN standards.

  • Audio-visual equipment / Imaging, information panels, etc.

Systems used for objective presentation of image and sound of various characters. We are ready to offer, propose to client, or project proposal solutions and possible realizations of audio-visual technology. Our employees are based on their expertise able to fix even special requirements on alternative ways of fixing presentation technology without problems.


Division Weak current systems is able to propose and consequently realize on field of local network constructions passive part - structured cable system, as well as active part. It consists of servers, including operation systems, network switches and end PC stations. Internet connection and back-up UPS sources create active part of the network.

We dispose with team of qualified specialists, which is able to ensure complex delivery of the system, from the initial consultation and proposal, through project and installation, up to its activation and providing 24-hours service in form of HotLine or HelpDesk 24/7.


We cooperate with number of producers and distributors of each system. At the same time we generally monitor new trends and we pay maximum attention to provide our employees with up-to-date information with clearly obvious aim to provide always the best solution and ensure professional processing of the job. We can organize realizations of extensive installations for favourable prices. Our advantage is broad experience with installations in administration buildings, commercial area and production halls with budget of many millions of CZK.