Data Infrastructure

Division Data infrastructure provides complex services on field of informative and communication technologies. It has years-long experience with their delivery, implementation and services. It disposes with qualified team of certified experts and provides solution based on brand technologies of world-leading producers in following areas:  

  • Server solutions

Delivery, administration and maintenance of Oracle, HP and IBM servers, including operation systems Windows, SOLARIS, LINUX, and database systems MS SQL, ORACLE,...

  •  Virtualizing & consolidation of server solutions

Proposal, installation and configuration of solution on VMware, Hyper-V platform.

  • Solutions for high availability of systems

Proposal and delivery of clustered solutions operated on hardware tools. Reliability of the tools is ensured with high redundancy and implementing technologies providing resistance against outage.

  • Equipment for realizations of back-ups & archiving data

Proposal, delivery and implementation of HW&SW for back-up, including system management - D2T, D2D.

  • Active data infrastructure

Implementing, management and maintenance of switches, routers and WiFi solutions CISCO, HP/3COM, Enterasys and Juniper, delivery and service of SAN data network, including passive infrastructure.

  • ICT security technology

Implementing and management of network security elements (Firewall, IPS, IDS,...).

  • Operation systems

Installation and management of operation systems MS Windows, Oracle, SOLARIS, LINUX,...

  • VoIP systems

Integration of voice transmission with other systems on CISCO, AVAYA, or LINUX platform, solution for call center using CISCO solution, eventually own platform based on LINUX.

  • End-station and periphery

Delivery, administering and maintenance of workstations with OS Windows and Linux, peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, etc.) from renowned world-leading producers.

  • Data centers

Complex solutions for data centers of any size with specified infrastructure, with integrated monitoring of key components, electric installations, air-conditioning and UPS, and follow-up administering and maintenance of these systems.


Necessary part of our services is operating of Monitoring center, which is the center monitoring our client's networks. We provide 24-hours emergency service across the whole Czech Republic. Eventual issues will be fixed within 4 hours from reporting issue by customers, or detecting collision status in Monitoring center.