Company profile

Company Introduction


TECHNISERV IT, spol. s r.o., including its subsidiary company TECHNISERV IT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, spol. s r.o. forms an autonomous TECHNISERV IT GROUP employing approx. 70 people and covering operations and services in the field of active data infrastructures and information systems. Consolidated annual turnover exceeds 200 mil­lions CZK. TECHNISERV IT GROUP is located in Brno and has subsidiaries in Prague, Ostrava and service centres across the whole Czech Republic. The company is able to deliver its services across the whole Czech Republic.


Company's Key Activities

  •  Active data infrastructure (server solutions, virtualizations, active components, back-ups,…)
  •  Development and implementation of software applications (portal solutions, DMS,…)
  •  Low voltage current systems (monitoring, security, access and cable distribution systems, data centres,…)
  •  Information systems (analysis, design, architecture and implementation,…)
  •  Service, support and consultations for solutions (HelpDesk 24/7…)

Company's Mission, Vision & Objectives

Our mission is to be a strong, flexible player on the market, to provide expert services related to information systems and data infrastructure with emphasis on high quality and support services for the solution. In the context of company's development we are open to projects covered from the EU structural funds as well as new investors from developed western countries - as we are able to play a key partner role in the technological field. 


Company's vision and objective is to be a healthy and trustworthy company operating on the IT market across the whole Czech Republic with stable economical results and to be a direct partner for small and middle-size companies, as well as to be an important supplier of services and partial solutions for system integrators working for big companies. One of the main objectives of our company is to keep helpful attitude to our customers and resolve their requests to their full satisfaction.


MOTTO: TECHNISERV IT - your partner for information systems