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Tereza Maxová Foundation


As all of us believe that people should help each other, we became a part of of Tereza Maxova Foundation support. This foundation helps mothers, children and support a substitute family care. Therefore we traditionally participate in autumn beneficiary evening, where the main aim is to obtain important finance support for disadvantaged and abandoned children, growing up in South Moravia. Each of these important evenings is great contribution not only for the Foundation but also for us. We deeply believe that we will have the opportunity to continue in this cooperation in future.


Sport activities support of various branches (cycling, ice-hockey, golf, tennis, football …)


As each individual also our company is wise up to the importance of sports in our lives. In the long term we have been cooperating with various sports clubs in the form of a financial support, gifts and mutual cooperation on co-holding sports activities. The activity and participation as a partner is more reasonable for us when we can see the results and when we know that our effort and funds are for a good thing and can help. We deeply appeciate that the clubs put great emphasis on the education of young sportsman.  


There is large number of sports to support. We have choosen...



Tělovýchovná jednota Favorit Brno


TJ Cykloklub Jevíčko - Mezinárodní etapový cyklistický závod GP Matoušek ZMN

Cyklistika - SPORTCOMPLEX club, Velká cena Hlohovce

Golf Session 2012

Golf Session 2013

Golf Session 2014

Prague Open 2012 pod záštitou prezidenta České republiky Václava Klause

bikeplac racing

Florbal - Bulldogs Brno

FC Zbrojovka Brno


Český  tenisový svaz vozíčkářů